Nubeqa and Lupron

Posted by mmacaulay @mmacaulay, Apr 4, 2023

I have advanced PC with metastasis in the lymph nodes and pelvis. Gleason 6-9 and PSA>20. Began with 3-month Lupron injection. Began Darolutamide (Nubeqa) at start of Docetaxel chemo. Six infusion sessions, three weeks apart. Due to start 26 sessions of radiation.

Current PSA and testosterone way down. PET scan results promising.

Finding Nubeqa is extremely expensive, even after Medicare and supplement. Wondering how long I might take it. Looking for experience by other users of same drug in similar overall treatment protocol.

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After radiation 40 sets I did plus 23 yrs later L2 zapped get on BOTH Zolodex and Enzalutamide early when still castrate SENSITIVE


Re: Nubeqa cost. The manufacturer has an assistance program to remove the financial barrier. Typically, they will mention it during the refill phone calls. Do you receive those calls? If not, my recommendation is to call their support number and ask about the program for financial support. I hope this helps.


My experience very similar. Rated stage 4B. Chemo therapy followed by 26 radiation sessions. Simultaneously on Lupron injections and Nubeqa. Three-monthly PET scans have shown success. Very weak but hanging in there.

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