Not so sure it's IBS

Posted by katiek78 @katiek78, May 1, 2020

Hello, about a year ago I began having digestive issues that came on slowly, starting with more frequent bowel movements/diarrhea, lack of appetite, chest discomfort, and nausea, but no abdominal pain. The symptoms progressed and I began to lose quite a bit of weight which was a big concern considering I've always been lean. I had every test in the book (colonoscopy/endoscopy, pill cam, ultrasound, gallbladder testing, labs, etc.) and consulted with several GI and other specialists (endocrinology and infectious disease). All came back normal. After about four months, the symptoms subsided and eventually disappeared altogether. For the next four months I was totally fine, but in February the symptoms returned and have been present again for over two months. Doctors have stopped suggesting more testing, and seem to think this is IBS. I just completed a two week FODMAP diet as proposed by my doc, but it has not helped. Any thoughts or suggestions as to what else this could be, or does this in fact sound like IBS? I am skeptical because my symptoms don't include the abdominal pain. Any thoughts are much appreciated!


Having a GF family member you get used to looking for GF products.
Sam’s Club also has good GF breads. VANS waffles. Kraft now has a GF Mac&Cheese- delicious.
GF pizza based on cauliflower- delicious. Lean Cuidine has a couple of GF TV dinners.
Yesterday my daughter baked a GF banana bread with GF flour. Have to say it was exceptionally good. Nothing left.
GF breadcrumbs are OK- sometimes I mix them with cornstarch.
There are GF turkey and chicken sausages, GF hams, all Boars Head products.

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That is all good to know, @astaingegerdm. I did not know that Boars Head made GF products!

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