Newly diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer: What questions should I ask?

Posted by faith29 @faith29, Jan 5 9:16am

I was just diagnosed with follicular neoplasm oncocytic cell type. I had been monitored yearly for the past 3 yrs for a left sided nodule with ultrasound and eventually biopsies Year one the nodule was 1.4cm, Year two 1.8 cm and was biopsied with indeterminate results. That sample was sent out for genetic testing and came back with abnormal cell structure 5-10% chance of change to hurthel cell ca yearly monitoring suggested. Year 3 ultrasound showed an increase in size to 2.4 cm and a subsequent biopsy showed the follicular neoplasm. I am scheduled to see a surgeon ( endocrinology) late next week. Any advice would be appreciated. What questions should I ask? Should I get a second opinion? What happens after surgery? Anything would be helpful, cause I’m just overwhelmed and afraid.
Thanking you in advance

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It was about a month post-op that I was able to get back to exercise although I was able to go for extended walks within a couple of weeks.

If your cancer is limited to lymph nodes on one side, then they would likely just make one continuous incision to access the issue. If it is on both sides they would also need a second incision on the other side. Really depends on your situation and your surgeon.


Hi Salish,
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and am scheduled on the 13 of February to have my thyroid removed as well as some lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. How long did you have to wait post op until you could exercise?
Also, how many incisions are made for the lymph node/ thyroid removal?

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Hi @janecarr97, I hope you saw the helpful response from @salish33. I will be thinking of you as you prepare for surgery tomorrow and for a speedy recovery.

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