My sister with BC please explain

Posted by gulzar @gulzar, Jul 28, 2016

My sister lives overseas and she got breast cancer and she sent me the pathologist report can you explain the severity of her BC.
Infiltrative Lobular Carcinoma, Grade II, Stage IIIC (T3, N3, Mx)
Estrogen Receptors Strong positive (75% Nuclear Staining) Histoscore=(+3)
Progesterone Receptors : Strong positive 95% Nuclear staining) Histoscope (+3)
HER2/neuProtien over expression: Negative, Histoscore (+1), weak incomplete cytoplasmic membrane staining in

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Hi @gulzar. Getting a pathology report can be overwhelming and confusing. The American Cancer Society has a useful resource to help people understand a pathology report for breast cancer It breaks it down element by element.
This page from explains staging very clearly too

This pathology report gives her cancer care team a very clear picture of her particular type of cancer and how far it has spread. Knowing this information helps the team recommend the most effective treatments.
What questions does you sister have? What treatments will she be getting?

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