Metastatic Breast Cancer, Bone then Liver

Posted by kangaroo @kangaroo, Oct 15, 2012

2009 running 5 to 10 miles 3+ times per week, Bilateral Surgery June 2009, 18 Lymph nodes removed, 9 came back positive, underwent 6 chemo cocktail rounds followed by 30 radiation treatments..followed up with Arimidex till June 2011.. April 2011 diagnosed in my bones(7 areas).. started monthly Pamidronate treatments and hormone changed to Tamoxifen.. Feb 2012 Tamoxifen changed to Aromasin as cancer markers had more than doubled.. and bone scan indicated affected bones too numerous to count….Liver ultra sound May 2012,.. 5 Tumours found…started Zeloda.. have undergone 4 cycles but had to stop due to hand and foot syndrome.. I look well and live every day to its fullest… I would like to hear from anyone who has had to follow this metastic path… How rough can this boat ride get?

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I’ve just finished Cycle 7 of Zeloda..dose dropped to 1150mg 2x per day and my feet are okay.. I have been making myself walk 2-3 miles per day thru the fields.. 2 liver tumours gone and the other 3 reduced almost 50%.. can’t ask for more than that… My oncologist is upping my Pamidronate to every 3 weeks.. The snow is not stopping me and I’m going for 2.5 weeks with my Grandchildren out west..can’t wait to hear their stories…8years to newborn… Maybe my post should be changed to stage 4 breast cancer… oh well a few have seen my post and I wish you all could feel as good as I do?? The lake is frozen here so the boat is stable??


About breast cancer affected lung and bones. Stage 4. Its there any chances?


About breast cancer affected lung and bones. Stage 4. Its there any chances?

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Need advised


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I moved your message to this discussion thread where I hope you will connect with @kangaroo. I’m also tagging Connect members @wayneaj56 @sewhappy and @fissy81056 to join the conversation.

Rajans, when did you find out you have stage 4 breast cancer? Was this your first diagnosis or did cancer return? How are you doing?

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