Metastasis in mediastinal lymph nodes

Posted by Elizabeth Boie @elizabethboie, May 9, 2023

Just diagnosed with mets to lymph node on mediastinum...wondering if anyone else had the same? Chemo treatment prescribed? I had breast cancer 10 years ago, BRCA I positive, peritoneal serous carcinoma 5 years and 2 years ago....

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Hi @elizabethboie, wow you've had more than your share of cancer experiences. I'd like to learn and bit more to help connect you with others (if you don't mind).

Is the metastasis to the lymph node on the mediastimun mets from the breast cancer? Or is it related to the peritoneal carcinoma?

Your sentence cut off at "and 2 years ago" is that referring to the lymph node mets?


The mets to the mediastinal lymph nodes they think is from the peritoneal cancer because my CA 125 rose and that is how we decided to investigate further with PET scan. My oncologist (Dr. Sandeep Basu - MCHS Eau Claire) explained it was really all part of the BRCA 1 mutation. BRCA 1 is like quality control. cells form and grow and when you get a cell that is not developing correctly the BRCA 1 gene kicks out that defective cell. since I have a mutation to that BRCA 1 gene, I do not have quality control, so those defective cells are allowed to grow and some grow into cancer. So, that explains why I keep getting cancer after treatment is done and I am NED. My breast cancer 10 years ago was triple negative and aggressive, but with surgery and chemotherapy I am NED from that. I take this all in stride. It is just part of me and my life. I feel fortunate that I am able to have a blood test (CA125) that tells me something is going on. There are many diseases out there that you have no warning of and no treatment for. Yes, chemo is a scary word, but to me it is just something I have to do and it is what it is. All I wanted when I was first diagnosed 10 years ago was to see grandchildren and that my youngest graduates from college. Well, I have three grandsons now (7, 2, 1) and my youngest son is in his last year of college. I still work fulltime for Mayo and love my job and my co-workers. Mayo doctors saved my life and Mayo employees keep me smiling!!!

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