Mammograms after the age of 80 necessary?

Posted by phillyforyou @phillyforyou, Apr 26, 2018

I am over 80 and have never been a smoker or drinker,I have always had mammograms every year. I have very dense breasts. I am wondering if getting mammograms puts me at high risk of getting breast cancer? Should I consider myself at high risk?.Do I still need mammograms at this age?

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Oh, gosh, I sure hope they don't cut me off at that age. I was almost 70 at diagnosis, and my radiation oncologist told me he had many patients in their 90s. How would they find the cancer if you don't have mammograms?


I started having mammograms at 18 years old (early) because I started getting benign lumps at that age. I continued yearly through 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm glad I checked yearly and caught my cancer early. I too had dense breasts. No more mammograms for me, as I know have no breasts, MRI's now for me. I'm not sure on this, you should check with your doctors and do more research, but...........if you are 80 and have had no problems to date with your breasts, I would think you could back off of mammograms somewhat? Maybe every couple years? If your doctors feel you have issues that might still put you at risk, once a year mammogram discomfort might be a small price to pay. I read somewhere that the 'average' age for breast cancer to be detected would be around 56 or 57 years. Once our hormones settle down I believe the chance of breast cancer subsides for many (hormone positive cancers) which are most common. My Mom is 81 now and no longer has mammograms and has had no cancer all these years.
I'm not sure when they stop Pap Tests myself and will be asking my oncologist on Monday. As a breast cancer survivor I get pretty much everything checked at least yearly but I don't know what the age they stop those is either? Anyone?


According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's recommendation statement on screening for breast cancer - current evidence is insufficient to assess the benefits and harms of screening mammography in women 75 years and older. Additional research is needed to better understand how screening might reduce breast cancer. Women over the age of 75 should speak to their doctors to determine what is best for their individual needs and medical history.


When I turned 80, my primary care doc told me, "No More Mammograms." I was delighted to stop that biennial torture time. When I was 86, a tumor was found in my breast that had already spread to the lymphs. Don't know how long it had been there, but it was dangerously advanced. I had surgery but no chemo or radiation because of my age. My treatment aims to wipe out every drop of estrogen in my body. So far so good, but I know it is temporary.

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