Lynch Syndrome

Posted by Michaelb @bsox1901, Jun 13, 2016

Last year i tested positive for Lynch Syndrome. Does anyone else have this?

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@moo1, generally genetic testing isn't done until children are at least 18 from what I've read. It can be a huge emotional burden. Here are a couple of useful articles:

– Genetic Testing of Children for Lynch Syndrome
– Mayo Clinic Q and A: Lynch syndrome and genetic testing

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Thanks for your quick response! Moo1


this Dec. 2017 I will have and endoscopy and proctoscope. Jan 2018 is the bladder scan. Past MRI shows that have many nodules in my lungs but they have been stable over the past year. The last endoscopy showed pre-cancerous cells in my stomach, so I’m kinda anxious to see what the upcoming scope shows. Not presenting any symptoms for stomach cancer but do get out of breath just walking cross the street, which very uncomfortable feeling.

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I noticed that you were scheduled for some follow up tests over the past year and a half and I was wondering how you were doing.
If you are comfortable doing so, will you post an update?

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