Lymphedema after radical prostate surgery: How to improve it?

Posted by ro_batista @ro_batista, Jul 31, 2023

My names is Roberta, my father had a radical prostatectomy in December 2023; performed 10 sessions of radiotherapy (which lasted 6 months). And, radiotherapy will begin soon. What bothers him today are the lymphedemas in both legs (from de thighs and goes down to the feet). Does the lymphedema get a little better after chemo (I know some of it is due to the surgery)? What can he do to improve it?

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Hi @ro_batista, lymphedema after prostate surgery affects about 20% of men. Here's a helpful article explaining why it happens and tips on how to manage it:
- Treatment Side Effects - Lymphedema

It sounds like this is very uncomfortable for your dad. Has he talked to a symptom management nurse about it? They might suggest compression garments and/or lymphatic massage.

How is he doing?

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