Limitations of concrete spacer

Posted by kas7949 @kas7949, May 13, 2023

I’ve had my spacer for three weeks. Are there any limitations to exercises such as pelvic thrust while on my back using a stability ball?

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You are amazing if you can do all of that with your spacer. I couldn’t do much for months when I had my cement spacer.


I have had mine now for 2 1/2 months. I was told to stay off it for the first 2 weeks and then to gradually put weight on it over time. Now I can walk short distances without a crutch, but it hurts. I can straighten my knee completely but can only bend it about 100 degrees. They told me to stop at 90 degrees. I urge you to not overdue the stress on the spacer unless your Dr. and PT say it's ok. Mine certainly didn't! Good luck!


I have had my spacer for 8 months
I don’t ever have significant pain
I believe I am supposed to be cautious not bending coast 90% but I have so
I use a walker or wheelchair as easier to reach things
I lifts weights and do the exercises
If I can go another month with no infections in there I can get a regular hip replacement but if I get an infection my leg won’t be able to handle it because I have had 10 replacements operations or revisions
I am scared
My leg is about 2 inches shorter
I used to have a life

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