Leg hurts like you know what..

Posted by justin91 @justin91, Jul 4, 2021

Every so often this welt appears in my left leg. Day one leg hurts like hell, Day 2-3 muscle cramps start, say for there is a decent size recess in my leg.. happens every once and while Doctors day its nothing.. they make for dehydration, low electrolytes and Calcium levels. Pre history ive had A.L.L at age 4 with hi dose radiation and chemotherapy till age 9 almost. Age 17 Thyroid cancer diagnosis, Total Thyroidectomy and Radioactive Iodine Treatment. Year later they did a Bi Lateral Neck Dissection and another rounf of Radioactive Iodine Treatment and was clear.. most recent trauma to the leg is 2015 ran into a stump in a field hurt it bad 3 weeks bed rest no signs of a break but did leave a good scar.

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@justin91 Hello and welcome to Connect. We are not medical professionals and can't diagnose anything. To me that looks like an indented area that could be dehydrated or scar tissue. I do have scars on my leg that are very similar because of a cage that was temporarily attached to the shin bone after I fractured my ankle. I can pull on mine it stays firmly adhered no matter what way I push the muscle. Is that a scar from the stump that you hit or do you think it was caused by your radiation treatments? Have you consulted a physical therapist about that? Surely they could treat the muscle spasms as long as your doctors allow it. Sometimes a cancer diagnosis changes what the physical therapist can or cannot do for you. that would be a good question for your doctor.

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