Knee and Hip

Posted by willw @willw, Mar 11, 2023

6 months out from TKR...doing a lot better...far from perfect. Wife had Hip replacement surgery on 3/1/23. She spent 5 nights in hospital...she is having a really rough time. She was my caretaker and now in hers. She is not as physically fit as me and it's taking its toll. I pray and hope that is the next few weeks it improves. To compound it...she also needs her knee done after this may be too much...Relate?

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Not good. What are her problems? Which hip was done and what method was used (posterior, direct anterior, superpath)? Why in the hospital (mine was done in an outpatient facility attached to a hospital)? These days most are released on the same day, some with one over night. Five is excessive. I was operated on in the AM and was home walking by mid afternoon. How old is she?

We are all different as are our surgeons. So one successful, or unsuccessful posting (including mine) does not mean or prove much.

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