Is there any way to solve the transverse colon ptosis issue?

Posted by MACY @macy0723, May 17, 2023

I have the transverse colon ptosis issue too. Is there any way to solve the transverse colon ptosis issue? In the night I have to push the transverse colon up with my hand and after that I feel some relief. It bothers me too much and every day I'm suffering as it makes me pain right side close to the belly button.

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I don’t know if I have ptosis. That sounds like no other viscera has dropped, but if it’s anything like my condition, it’s unbelievably uncomfortable and unpleasant. Keep your core strong & get a bowel regimen to minimize any fecal loading that would make the colon heavier. In my case, my transverse and ascending colon have both dropped. I am acutely aware that my transverse is lower than where it should be. Mine dropped after I first felt like something was peeling away from my abdominal wall. I had 4 of these ‘detachments’. No one in my country has even heard of this. Believe me, you know when you’re transverse is squishing and pushing on all your other organs. There were multiple factors that caused mine. I can’t get it diagnosed. I went to Cleveland Clinic thinking they would know something about it, but I keep getting sent to different departments, at great expense, & no further ahead than I was 2 months ago.
All the research about this condition seems to come out of Asia. I’m too disabled by this to travel to Asia. Does anyone from Mayo monitor these boards? Suggestions to specialists or specialists from Mayo weighing in would be very helpful.

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