Anyone heard of infrared therapy or photoimmunotherapy for cancer?

Posted by detroitmom23 @detroitmom23, Oct 21, 2023

Has anyone here heard of using infra red therapy for cancer?
One of my friends mentioned it to me that she heard they are using it in cancer treatments in clinical studies. I looked it up on the internet (reputable sites) and it does mention it. Also they are doing research on how it might help with side effects of chemo treatments.
Anyone have any further info on this?

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Hi @detroitmom23,
Near infrared photoimmunotherapy (NIR-PIT) is a newly developed molecular targeted cancer treatment. Here is a recent review of studies and progress of research into this promising approach.
- Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy: A Review of Recent Progress and Their Target Molecules for Cancer Therapy

It's a pretty technical read. Bottom line:
- it is being actively researched
- discuss current clinical trial options with your doctor

Photodynamic therapy is another promising treatment
- Photodynamic therapy

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