Inability to step up and stand up without using my hands

Posted by nancy8355 @nancy8355, May 25, 2019

I’m 73. About three years ago, I noticed I had trouble walking up the steps in my daughter’s two story home. I live in a one story home, so I just thought , use it or lose it. Then, I began noticing I couldn’t step up on a stepstool. Next, I couldn’t stand up from a seated position without using my hands. Not at all. No pain is involved. I simply cannot do either move. I’ve had a brain scan, a spine scan, and multiple neurological tests. I still don’t have a diagnosis. I just returned from a cruise. I was shocked to find I couldn’t step up into the tour bus, and I fell trying to go up three simple steps at a performance. My step up leg simply collapsed. If this is the way I’m going to be forever, I can adjust, but I really want a diagnosis. Does anyone have this issue, or Mayo, can you please help? I live in Florida, so a trip to Mayo in Jacksonville is certainly doable. Thank you. Nancy Simmons

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@nancy8355 Good morning Nancy If you,be explored everything with muscles,nerves and the brain scan showed nothing why don't you start to do some chair exercises find a program that would fit In 77 active all my !I've and started here chair exercises ,we also have a arthritis class that shows us exercises. The slogan for seniors is use it or lose it Hope this helps

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