I'm so afaird about my stomach condition from 3 months ...

Posted by deeproy @deeproy, May 13, 2023

Hello iam deep , 23 years old ...
One day iam travelling one place to another place and I get diarrhea. ....
I take many medicines and syrups ... But my poop is still greasy and not comes in a proper foam .... Like I pooped before .....
It happens with me from 3 months and till now .... Whenever I eat my daily food ... My stomach growling and makes a freaky sound ... And iam passing little amount of gas .....
Iam so affaird about that situation and feeling depressed. .. 😭😭
There I attach my cbc , kidney and liver test ....and also my usg report ... Please anyone check it .... For me 😭😭🥺

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First off, I’m not a doctor nor any kind of health professional.
But it sounds to me like you need your pancreas examined.
The first step is a simple blood test. Then a CT/MRI, If your numbers are off. Or, if the doctor wants to rule pancreatitis out.

Also, it could be so many other things. You really need to start with the GP or a gastroenterologist.

Don’t let them brush you off. Insist on further testing if their “solution” doesn’t work.

They are there for you. Not the other way around.

Best of luck to you.


@deeproy, I can see you are very worried about your digestive tract symptoms and fear colorectal cancer. I hope you are able to discuss your medical reports with your doctor soon.

Please note that I have removed the attached documents since they contained personal identifying information. Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community for give and get support with other patients. We cannot interpret medical records and it is not a secure way to transfer medical records.

If you would like to request an appointment at Mayo Clinic and have your records review by medical specialists, please submit your reqest here: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

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