I had a right hemicolectomy 6 days ago. What helps nausea?

Posted by mimisayhi @mimisayhi, Feb 25 11:23am

been 6 dayssine right hemp colectomy. Very tired but the nausea is pronounced. Any recommendations to curb nausea?

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Had the operation in Sept 23.
I didn’t eat for five days before starting on jelly and clear liquids like apple juice.
I had terrible bloating with severe pain from the swelling
With nothing in my stomach I did feel nausea with gastric reflux.
Once you start eating hopefully it will resolve.


Mimisayhi, did your doctor prescribe Zofran for the nausea? It's a pretty good medication for nausea. It comes in 4 and 8 MG. I've had it for years. If you don't have it and can get a prescription, try to get the dissolving kind as I know how hard it is to swallow anything when you're so nauseated.
Once you can start eating, just liquids, then soft foods like Mashed Potatoes, puddings, etc.
When I was at Mayo in 2021, my radiation oncologist recommended .5 Ativan with 8 MG Zofran for my nausea. Now Ativan is a controlled drug so some doctors are very hesitant about prescribing it.
I'm sure your doctor can find something that helps.
Hoping you can get some relief soon.


thank you! I will check with Dr.


Hi @mimisayhi, I'm also bringing @petjoy and @smart1 into this discussion. They may also have tips to add regarding nausea.

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Mimi, how is recovery going? Is the nausea subsiding?


So sorry for the delayed response. I wish I had some useful info for what you are going through. I had nausea with vomiting and uncontrollable bathroom issues immediately after the surgery (lasted a couple of days) and was told it was a postoperative ileus. Once they inserted the tube through my nose into my stomach that took care of the nausea, but I was in the hospital for 8 days before the Dr felt comfortable sending me home. He sent me home with Zofran but I didn’t need it at that point. And, I was on a very strict diet and very small “meals”. It’s all kind of a blur at this point, even though it was in 2021. Are you still in the hospital recovering from your hemicolectomy? Hopefully the Dr can give you some help with diet, etc. I wish you a speedy recovery and please let me know if any of my situation sounds familiar and you want to chat further.


Ask your doctor for anti nausea medicatio like zofran and phenergen. There’s several medications, including a transdermal patch that you can put behind your ear. It’s awful, I know. So sorry

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