Hyperthyroidism - weight loss, then weight gain?

Posted by vball91 @vball91, Sep 30, 2023

Hi all,

I have a lot of autoimmune issues, and my blood test for TSH came back at .04. So hyperthyroidism. I lost about 20 pounds two years ago with no explanation. I’ve steadily gained all that back. My question is: could I have had hyperthyroidism even though my TSH levels were normal two years ago? Like pre-curser weight loss.

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I did same thing but first got salmonella/nasty/ but kept losing weigh - 1 lb a day for 26 days/ almost had heat attack before they tested blood for thyroid/ mother was hypothyroidism- I eventually gained back weight over 3 years- more hypo now


I have a history of hyperthyroidism (so did my mother). When mine was diagnosed and treated my Dr. told me that hyperthyroidism can eventually switch to hypothyroidism. That is what happened with my mother. My Dr. monitors me for this. We both experienced weight changes and other symptoms. First weight loss and tons of energy, then weight gain and fatigue. I think I’m headed towards hypothyroidism. There seems to be some family connection. My daughter has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.


lilyann here, i was wondering if anyone who is taking levothyroxine has any itching problems. i have been taking this drug since march and a light bulb went out in my head as to what could be my problem. however, one thing i do have to say is that i have already have the eczema, atopic dermatitis. all throughout these years from 2007 to present i have been itching. tried everything, seen every dermatologist in surrounding areas. had the cultures, biopsies, etc. it just seems like this itching which has always been uncontrollable. i had read years ago that thyroid could be the problem so now i have no thyroid and still have the problem and that is when the lightbulb went off thinking: levothyroxine. so then we go into grave's disease and that is as far as i have gotten being so many dr. visits etc. i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism from the beginning. i do have the weight loss, a little energy then fatigue. cannot deal with the a/c. so wish everyone the best.

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