NoxyPure - Treatment for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted by sash @sash, Oct 29, 2021

Anyone familiar with this product?

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Not me, and at 5 treatments for $99.00 I’m not going to get familiar.


Hi @sash, I had not heard of it until I went to the website and found the product name – NoxyPure then looked for some research on it. The website is basically the manufacturers advertising – and does a good job at telling you why you should buy into it. I found one research paper on the product about one study involving 21 hand selected patients (from the attached research paper – "The paper focuses on 21 subjects who each received ten treatments (Table 1)." — Treating Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Using a Novel,
Nanotechnology-Based Topical Formulation to Improve Pain, Sensitivity, and Function:

Bottom line for me is that the study is way too small but it does seem promising. This hits close to home since I am classified as prediabetic and have been trying to focus on lifestyle changes in my eating habits which play a big part in diabetes and subsequently possible neuropathy which I already have.

Also the study participants were gifted 10 treatments if I read the study correctly.


I have tried nano-bubbles for my non-diabetic PN and did not find any relief. I know of some folks who have benefitted from this for their diabetic PN.

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