Hormonal imbalances with no answers?

Posted by kellyscott2020 @kellyscott2020, Oct 8, 2021

Hi everyone,
For the past 12 years I’ve battle extremely low progesterone levels. Even with taking a high dose supplements the last several years I continue to decline with no Dx and no answers or support. At this point, I barely sleep even a few hours a night and some nights not even that. I’m 32 and desperately searching for answers. I just recently saw a reproductive endocrinologist and was told this is “just the way it is”. All my other hormones are fine including cortisol… If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kelly,
Hormone imbalances can sure mess with our bodies, can’t they? You didn’t say but I’m assuming you’re female. Men can have low progesterone too but they generally have low testosterone at the same time and you mentioned all your other hormones are normal.

Boy, getting an answer of “just the way it is” would give me a slow burn. You would hope for a little more sleuthing and less of a shrug of the shoulders! Were any other tests done besides checking hormone levels?
You’ve been coping with low progesterone since you were 20? Do you have regular periods?

You’ve probably done your own investigation of causes. Stress being one of them but since your cortisol level is good, that’s not an issue. I found a few interesting articles that might be worth reading. The 2nd article discusses ovary issues as a potential culprit. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Has that been discussed as a cause for you?
I also included a link to Mayo Clinic’s page on PCOS to see if this has a familiar ring to it.
What supplements were you taking?

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