Anyone heard about Histotripsy for liver NETs?

Posted by kaw627 @kaw627, Oct 15, 2023

Has anyone heard of Histotripsy? It's a technique that uses sound waves to break down tumors for liver treatment.

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From the e-mail I received from LACNETS: "Join us on Saturday, December 9th at Noon Pacific to learn more about minimally invasive liver directed therapies targeting liver metastases with interventional radiologist Dr. Koethe. She discusses ablations including the recently approved histotripsy and embolizations including bland, chemo and radioembolization. There will be a live Q&A following the presentation."

Here's our chance to learn more about histotripsy. Registration link:

If you can't watch the live online talk, they always post the talk on their website a couple days later. Great to watch live so you can ask general questions (no individual medical advice given).


Hello @kaw627 and welcome to the NETs support group on Mayo Connect. I did find some information about the use of histotripsy on the University of Michigan's website. Here is the link to that information.

Has this treatment been recommended for NETs?

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LACNETS is sponsoring a presentation on 12/09 by An IR who specializes in all noninvasive treatment of liver mets. Go to to sign up for dec2023. This dr has incredible credentials and over 60 articles etc. She is also very aware of the sound wave technology/

Good luck to us all am advocating for my second embolization left lobe fast but ran into roadblock with an ulcer etc and some ascites time is of the essence. working on raising my albumin.


There are some limitations on it, for it's use now that it is FDA approved. It is only used on 3 tumors or less, that each are no bigger than 3cm each. There is a 2nd clinical trial starting later this spring that will work on situations where there is more than 3 tumors on the liver. No more info that we are aware of till then, as @kim1965 has more than 3 tumors, we will not be able to use at this time. We also got an opinion from our Cancer Care Team, and they said it is too new of technology for our case to consider this right now. Talk to your Care Team's about if it is a good choice for your case. We all got this!


I have a 3 cm tumor near the tail of my pancreas, and “too numerous to count” metastases covering about 50% of the functional part of my liver. I have an oncologist at Mayo in Rochester and a second oncologist closer to home at University of Michigan. Both of them concurred in my current treatment program which is monthly lanreotide injections, which began August 2023. They both feel I’m doing well on the injections and recommended we not pursue more extensive therapy unless my NETs progress. I am age 77 which I think influenced their recommendation. I asked my U of M oncologist about histotripsy since it was developed at U of M. He felt it was way too early for my situation and that new applications of histotripsy would be slow to progress. As others have commented, probably more studies and experiments with different kinds of applications are called for. It does sound like an extremely effective therapy, and I am hopeful it can be expanded to other applications including to those of us who have numerous liver metastases. Best wishes to you all.


A convincing announcement and animation of Histotripsy and liver cancer at the Univ of Chigo online. It’s FDA approved and being used in Chicago and possibly other places.

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