Hip Spacer, walking, and brace

Posted by fossilrx16 @fossilrx16, Jun 26, 2019

I had a bicycle accident in Paris that messed up my hip, Had the hip pinned in Paris and returned home to California. Went straight to my hometown hospital due to bleeding from the incision (4 airplanes over 20 hours). Once home, hip had to be re-pinned and then we discovered massive infection (again from France) that took 5 months of PICC line antibiotics. Had to have pins taken out and hip spacer put in until infection gone. Fast forward about 6 months – two total hip replacement surgeries cancelled due to blood work being off and now I have been told by employer (I teach high school at a private school) that I can't work at the school and need to go on medical leave until I can walk without crutches/cane.

Most recently had surgery schedule, had to cancel and now my surgeon is leaving the practice. So to get a new surgeon will take weeks/months and need to start teaching in 8 weeks.

So after reading my back story here is my question: Has anyone ever had a hip spacer and been able to walk or have a brace that lets them walk without aids?

Hi @fossilrx16 – Welcome to Connect! I can't even imagine what you have gone through with your accident and recovery. I'm hoping you get the answers you need to move forward. I have had two knee replacements but no experience with hip recovery – so I can't help you with your specific question. But I am going to tag a few people who may have insight on your situation. @mariemotte, @laura1956 and @scottb32

I also want to share a couple of threads that you might find helpful:
One more thought, I'm a Mayo patient and my husband has primary care at UF Health. Both have a portal that will allow us to "chat" with our care team. Do you have access to anything like that where you could ask about the timeline and determine at what point they would expect you to be able to walk w/o aids?

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