Hip and Shoulder

Posted by lotsofpain @lotsofpain, Dec 7, 2020

I have been advised today by my physiotherapist sleeping on my left side he's not a good idea increases the pressure on that hip it could make it more difficult for my upcoming hip replacement to be successful I've also been advised that the same physio that sleeping on my right side is causing problems given that I have have bicep and rotator cuff strain. Sleeping on my back is the answer but it's difficult because I cannot put my left leg flat on the bed as it pulls on my abdomen and groin due to the problem with my hip anyone got any good clues to how I might get a good night's rest not allowing for waking up to wee due to ageing bladder the joys of being old

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Lotsofpain, I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time. My little solution to help with some of these issues, is to add a pillow under my leg, raise it and give support to the hip. I worked when I first started trying this until I found a comfy position. It really helps me. I also have to sleep on my back, pillow under my bent right knee to give it support and keep in a good position, relieve the hip and the left leg is up, bent at the knee. Kinda' funny looking, I guess, but works so who cares. Only my kitty, Samantha, share my bed at this point. Good thing!


Good evening @lotsofpain. You have certainly been "round robin's barn" in your attempts to improve both your quality of life and the needs of your body. I must say I do agree with the provider who is concerned about your sleeping position. I have learned and relearned the best body positions for walking, resting, sleeping, and other physical activities. It is simply essential.

Morning yoga and meditation starts my day. I use props like small balls under my back or wherever needed when my body is out of alignment. I check the vertical alignment and levelness of my hip bones every morning. I understand that you have difficulty because you tend to bend over and your provider has indicated that your muscles may not be able to be retrained at this point. I would sure give good body positions a try.

Sit correctly in a chair. I had custom lumbar pillows made for two of my "go-to" chairs. I don't cross my legs.
Walk with appropriate awareness of your feet as they touch the ground. I do a walking meditation every day that is over 40 (F) degrees outside.
Choose a sleep position with support. and alignment in mind. This is about 90% of the battle for me. I often use pillows to make sure my spine is supported. Sometimes I make myself sleep on my back with a pillow roll under my knees. And although it is difficult, I switch sides sometimes.

To provide a framework for understanding, I have had 13 orthopedic surgeries……so some accommodation is always necessary. I am fusing with my right hip now just like you. I won't be able to get a cortisone shot until after COVID…so patience and acceptance are at the top of my list of goals every day.

Please let me know how some of this sounds to you. Are there other questions you might have? If so, I will try to help you find the answers.

Be safe and protected,


having almost the same problem shoulder and sciatica – I put a pillow under my knees and it keeps me laying flat on my back.

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