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Posted by findinghope23 @findinghope23, Feb 19, 2018

Hi everyone. I have no idea where to go or what to do. I am 10 years in with doctors. I have no one diagnosis if one at all but from picking apart my own medical history and having medical knowledge I have found out a couple different things but the problem Im having is getting the doctors to actually do the next step after physical therapy. I have been left go with a frozen shoulder since I was 16 went back to see my a doctor that usually sees me when my pcp is absent who is also the same doctor to find other findings or other problems who i recently just seen for all the same problems to be told I was a druggie and was messed in the head meanwhile hes be seeing me since I was 12 years old and my own mother was standing there when this happen. I was absolutely discussed with that fact he made that kind of judgement for just trying to be re prescribed my muscle relaxer instead he refused to do so then put me on an upped does of gabapentin to which is now 1500mg a day I take at 5’1 and 112 pounds and it does nothing for me. If anyone can give me any help it would be greatly appreciated. Im am only 24 years old. Heres a list of what I do have Hypermobility arthralgia, Hypermobility of joint, Femoral anteversion, Costochondritis LT, Impingement syndrome of left shoulder…YET nothing is done..Why??!!

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Hi, @findinghope23, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds like it's been a long journey for you with your health.

I wanted to let you know that I am moving your post over to our Bones, Joints & Muscles group, as I thought you'd find the most members who'd have input for you there. I also wanted to connect you to some members who have talked about the conditions you've mentioned: @kimh, @nenahurts, @cipaul, @wowags, @sweatergirl, @lauralea, @amyw, @barbie12, @alp, @claire1983, @faithandlove and @lisafl. Hoping you might all meet up here and that these members might have insights for you on your medication situation and also on getting the help that you are needing. @gailb and @sandytoes14 may also have some thoughts for you.

I thought you might like reading through — and participating if you wish — in this thread on Mayo Clinic Connect about costochondritis/Tietze syndrome:

@findinghope23 — have you considered getting a second opinion from another doctor?


Hi @findinghope23 , Have you looked into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? The Ehlers Danlos Society has good info. There is the hypermobility type and it’s very under diagnosed.

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