Help - Flu like symptoms, bloating, constipation hard to get a breath

Posted by joshf52 @joshf52, May 31 8:49am

I have been battling for 5 months bloating and difficulty getting a breath when I do anything. Unable to go anywhere, hard to work even from home. Started out with diarrhea and after a few months now I'm constipated . When I eat even a small meal I start to feel bad few hours after the meal then after 10 hours or so I almost feel normal if I don't eat anything (just figured this out). I have headaches, ears ringing, fatigue, hands and feet cold, feel off kinda dizzy (not spinning) when I drive or bounce around. Intestines feel very upset and sometimes burn. Not pain or throwing up or anything.
Anyone have any advice on what I am missing, next step is balloon scope. They say I don't have cancer but it's hard to believe.
I have been to many many doctors and nothing is coming out of it. I have had the following tests.
CT - lungs
CT - brain
2 - CT - pelvis, abdomen, lungs
MRI - heart mri
MRI - abdomen
MRI - pancreas
Colonoscopy / endoscopy
Push Endoscopy to get into part of small intestine
Blood work many times and all good
Ultra sound on liver
Gall bladder function test
Echocardiogram stress test
Infectious disease doctor - all good
Ent - good
2 - Pulmonary function test
2 - 5HIAAA urine test
CgA - blood test for NET

The only thing showed was some nonspecific inflammation in my small intestine and duodenumities don't think this would cause all of these symptoms.

Thanks for your input

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Hi @joshf52, what a relief that they were able to rule out cancer. Has the cause of your symptoms been discovered in the meantime? What are your next steps?

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