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Second opinion options: colorectal cancer

Posted by @sue_in_delaware in Colorectal Cancer, Mar 14, 2015

Hello. I just found this site while searching for answers and places where I might want to go for a "2nd opinion." Last month I had an MRI with contrast of my lungs and while it showed my lungs are fine, however, a "mass" in my lower right liver was found and diagnosed as "metastatic liver disease." They did a biopsy (which was sent to the Mayo) and I just spoke to an Oncologist (here in Delaware) yesterday. I have no symptoms and it was a shock to hear that they are telling me I have Stage IV cancer. They're scheduling a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and PET scans with the next 2 weeks (as well as a complete blood work.) The Oncologist has indicated that these tests should help determine where the cancer originated. She also stated that they'll start chemo to shrink the cancer cells. She mentioned that if they shrink, it may be possible to do surgery to remove the 3-inch area where the "mass" is. Now I sit here waiting for all the other tests to be scheduled. Sigh.


Posted by @sue_in_delaware, Mar 14, 2015

Do you think it would be wise for me to go to the nearest place, i.e. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, for a 2nd opinion before I start chemo? The Oncologist that I spoke to yesterday here at the Tunnel Caner Center in Lewes, Delaware, seems to be suggesting that the chemo should be started very soon.


Posted by @kelseydm, Mar 17, 2015

Hi Sue. We're sorry to hear what you are going through! Though we can't give actual medical advice online, here is an article about tips for seeking a second opinion that may help:


Posted by @sue_in_delaware, Mar 17, 2015

Thanks for your reply Kelsey. I've read the link and now I feel better about the possibilities.


Posted by @olga1dubrovsky2_babies, Mar 17, 2015

My inner sphincter is destroyed by scleroderma. I am incontinent for 10-15 years. I do protect accidents by constipating around o'clock, as GI Professor recommended to do v.s. colostomy. To make a long story short, It is a time for full colonoscopy, but I am dreaded preparation. DO YOU THINK I CAN SKIP IT, as I am
Thank you,


Posted by @kelseydm, Mar 17, 2015

Hi Olga. I can't provide medical advice online, however according to this Mayo Clinic article ( a colonoscopy is suggested every 10 years for adults at average risk of colon cancer. If you are unsure about your risk of other options, i'd talk with your doctor. To schedule an appointment with Mayo Clinic, you can visit this website:

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