Having trouble administering Tymlos to myself

Posted by michelew @michelew, Jan 9 9:01am

I just started Tymlos Jan 1. I'm not so great with needles, I'm afraid. My husband has been giving me the shots for my first 8 days. Unfortunately, he is going out of town for a few days and I'm going to need to stick myself while he's gone. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this done?
Also, does it need to be given in the stomach area? I might have an easier time if I could do it in my thigh.
thanks for any help/suggestions!

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Yes you can do it on your thigh. The Inspire community for osteoporosis has info on this and I have seen a graph for best site on thigh (toward the outside where you can pinch up fat).

You could start with thigh and get used to the needles, then switch or alternate with tummy. You need to pinch the skin up but not squeeze the medicine out. So once you do the injection let go and count to 10 before taking the needle out.

You can do it!


How did it go?
I did Tymlos for 18 months. I just poked that needle in without thinking about it!

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