Has anyone had a paracentral disc extrusion of L4-5?

Posted by ikcooley @ikcooley, Mar 2 3:55pm

Following a laminectomy and Discectomy I continue to have pain when walking. It shoots down my right leg like sciatica. The MRI revealed a 6mm right lateral paracentral disc extrusion. From L4-5. Has an anyone has this? What were the treatments? Did anyone have an disc extrusion absorb without surgery?

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I had something similar after two of same procedures that you had for your back. I ended up getting a back fusion to solve the issue. I know the word "fusion" is a scary term and I get it, I was super nervous too prior to the procedure. Long story short, it was a success and I have been pain free since the surgery in 2019. I am not saying go get a fusion, just saying thats what worked for me. Good luck to you, and I hope you get some relief soon.

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