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Has anybody had experience with neurostimulators?

Posted by @zjandre in Chronic Pain, Apr 19, 2016

Has anybody had experience with neurostimulators?


Posted by @mntnlaural, Nov 7, 2012

Just scheduled surgery for my second trial of the neurostimulator. If there are definite positive results, then we'll go ahead with the surgery for the permanent one. Nothing else has worked so far. If this neurostimulator works, it should relieve a lot of the pain down my legs. It's hard ro be optimistic about any pain relief anymore. Has anyone else had this stimulator put in their lower back?


Posted by @zjandre, Apr 19, 2016

How did it go? Did u have good results?


Posted by @kelseydm, Apr 27, 2016

Hi @zjandre and @mntnlaural,

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