Guide to Understanding Carcinoid Syndrome

To those in our Mayo Connect Carcinoid/NET group, @amyh2439 @tresjur @joannem @gaylejean @lucci50 @derekd @gulzar @joanney @jenchaney727@dzerfas @lorettanebraska @wordnoid @trouble and @upblueeyes @ahtaylor @heidilynn4 @junebug15. I recently uploaded this Guide and wanted to share it with you all, here is the website for your own free download, You will see that there are some interesting articles on ways to organize questions for your doctor appointments and first-person articles on how folks cope with living with this rare disorder. I hope that you find this informative. Teresa

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) Support Group.

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@lucci50 Your welcome! How are you doing? You mentioned seeing a specialist at U of Michigan. Do you have an appointment with him? Wishing you well. Teresa


Tomorrow, June 20, at 3 – 4 p.m. EST there will be a discussion on Carcinoid Syndrome.

Do You Have Carcinoid Syndrome?
Talking to Your Doctor About Symptoms,
Diet, and Treatment
Wednesday, June 20
3pm – 4pm ET
Our panel of Carcinoid Syndrome specialists will address your questions during the live program.

Tomorrow, simply sign-in at – we'll also email you a link about 15 minutes before the broadcast that will log you in directly. Add a reminder to your calendar.

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