Gerd presumably need fundiplication medication repeating constantlu

Posted by cblue @cblue, Dec 28, 2022

Gosh, my GI doc is on vacation, I'll check in for the formal answer. Just asking if other have these symptoms and if so, any suggestions?

Supposedly had silent reflux, (never felt any reflux OF NOTE,until 4 weeks ago after endoflip)... regardless, looking for causes of opacities in lungs, eventually led to possible aspiration.. failed peristalsis, but suggestion fundoplication if medication & lifestyle changes don't help. Protonix, and bigger wedge, blocks helping some.
Question: But lots of meds i need to take repeat for hours and leave a terrible taste and fill my mouth with something (not acid reflux). hard to speak clearly and not quite painful but uncomfortable. Anyone else have this? Any suggestions to help with this?

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I deep wet Belch over 2000-3000 x a day and night . Everyone ( they are one after other even propped on 3 pillows high and a small memory foam pillow on top ). They are not only coming up from gut but at 5/5 am start coming up from my intestines ( bowels ) all the way up and out of my mouth . I eat clean and healthy but doesn’t matter . Tastes like gut lining or sewer water .
It’s horrendous!
I suffer day and night with this going on 9 years.
6 Gastro Drs , 20 tests , 7 diagnoses.
Doesn’t matter even if stomach empty, I suffer .
Nothing holistic on market works ( I’ve tried it All ) , no RX helps , I live on Ultra Pepto only .
I’m seeing a functional medicine practitioner on the 11 th . I’m praying to get diff tests run that traditional GI ‘s don’t do .
My PCP has no clue what to do .
I’m considered a medical mystery because my symptoms are so severe and nothing helps .
I’m really at my wits end . It sucks all the joy out of life .
I hope you find your answers too .

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