Gallbladder Removal and Nausea

Posted by heatherwright @heatherwright, May 26 9:27pm

Hi. I had my gallbladder and a small part of my colon removed about three weeks ago. First the removed three stones. Two days later they went back in to remove the gallbladder but found that it was fused to my colon. I had some internal bleed from them trying to remove the gallbladder so I had to be rushed in for emergency surgery where they removed the gallbladder and the piece of the colon it was fused to. After they released me, besides the normal pain from healing, I was ok for the first week. Then I just started vomiting up everything I ate after that. I’ve been taking nausea pills twice daily now just to keep the minimal amount of food I can eat down. I’ve lost about 25 pounds and can’t afford to lose more. Does anyone have any ideas how to help? Thank you.

@heatherwright Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can definitely relate to what you are going through. I had my gallbladder removed and had major complications because of it.
I'd like to invite @jfperrone, @astaingegerdm, @fourof5zs, and @princessd to the conversation as they have also had issues after gallbladder removal.

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@heatherwright, have you been hospitalized or brought to the ER for this vomiting? Are you dehydrated?


I need to preface my comments with the fact that due to an inordinate amount of delay, my gall ball bladder had turned gangrene, resulting in emergency surgery. Despite the odds all turned out fairly well. I remember almost nothing. After a brief time of very limited appetite, I was left with what I called SD (surprise diarrhea). It could happen any moment and any place. It took control of my life. Since then (last August) it has slowed down, but not completely. I was prescribed several meds; most made me sick. The most effective thing I did was take Metamucil in the morning. This has helped to slow things down. Sometimes the best thing is the most simple thing. Good luck to all. As you say it is a simple surgery but not always a simple recovery.


@heatherwright – You have had some serious surgery- recovery can be complicated. Not only did you have 2 operations, but lost a piece of colon.
Have you seen gastroenterologist since operation? What dietary advice did you get? Have you had blood tests to check electrolytes and liver values? You vomit, so I think you have to be monitored more carefully. 25 lbs weight loss in that short time is worrisome.
Please contact a gastroenterologist- you need to be evaluated.


@heatherwright I would call my doctor/surgeon.

I mostly had the complication of diarrhea. Which I controlled mostly by not eating greasy foods and sweets. I also added a probiotic.. it may be trial and error finding the right probiotic for you. Align is the one that finally helped me. Eat probiotics foods too. There are lists at many web sites.

Your nausea is concerning. My brother had much the same happen to him.. gallbladder was gangrene and they had to take part of his colon.. he stayed in hospital for a few weeks because of more complications.. including a very mild stroke.

Best to return to your doctor/surgeon.

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