Functional reasons for Low Digestive Enzymes Production

Posted by connectmayo1 @connectmayo1, Oct 1, 2023

Hi Dear Friends,

I have been suffering with Slow Digestion and weight loss issue from past 3 years. Many Tests are done. So far one thing was found. Fecal Elastase was low two times in stool test. My stool is extra soft and not in good solid shape. Many cooked veggies and other foods cause this Extra soft wettish stools. Only sometimes i get solid shape. I am 36 years old male.
Ultrasound of abdomen done two times and CT scan with contrast for chest, abdomen, pelvis is done. No issues in pancreas at all and no pain anywhere in the body.
Endoscopy EGD with duodenum biopsy done. Following is duodenum biopsy report description.

Sections show multiple fragments of small bowel mucosa with well maintained crypt villous ratio and no increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes. The lamina propria shows mild to moderate inflammation by lymphocytes and plasma cells along with few ectatic vessels and very occasional neutrophils. There is mild submucosal brunner's gland hyperplasia. No evidence of parasites, dysplasia or malignancy.
(Method: F)
Features are suggestive of Mild Brunner's gland hyperplasia.
No evidence of organisms, increased IELs, atypia or malignancy.

Doctor said it is IBS but i don’t have any pain but my stool shape is not normal for many foods and fats are taking very longer to digest and sitting longer in stomach when i eat fats and chicken.

When i drink coffee then digestion is faster i see. I think stimulation of nervous system and enzyme production happening. Digestive enzymes pills did not work.

1. Fats are taking very long to digest and empty stomach. Proteins also similar experience. If i ear fats then need to wait for 9 hours to get appetite again and it is sitting in stomach fir longer.
2. Weight loss
3. Mal Absorption (mal digestion of fats and other hard things)
3. Vitamins deficiency. So far checked B1, B2, B12, D deficient. Have not tested many other like magnesium and other
4. Sleep disturbances for no reason at 3-4am and feeling like incomplete sleep.
5. Stool is wettish and extra soft for many foods. Only little solid for few foods without fibre or sugars
6. Food intolerances started from 6 months. Whole issue of slow digestion started 3 years back.

I have been doing research on finding functional reasons of Low digestive enzymes production when pancreas has no issues at all. Found following things online but need to know of any one of these causing my issues
1. Low Melatonin harmone production
2. Any vitamin, mineral deficiency causing this entire issue? Like Thiamin B1 or Magnesium
3. PH is not strong acidic to stimulate enzymes?
4. Bacterial or fungal biofilm?
5. Amino acids deficiency?
6. Do you think any Bile Acid Malabsorption happening?
Is it Liver issue in digesting fats. Previously onetime fatty liver happened after i lost rapid weight loss but it was normal in 3 months. Blood tests of fibrosis, autoimmune hepatitis was done. All normal.

Doctor simply said IBS but my symptoms matching with Low digestive enzymes clearly but do not know how to fix. Does IBS cause low Digestive Enzymes specially for fats, proteins?

I feel like stimulation through nervous system like autonomic nervous system for motility and vitamins deficiency causing it but how to fix it. Lost lots of my body fat and muscle. Consulted four GI docs and pancreas doc but final doc said IBS but i am not convinced yet and my symptoms are not going away and not able to eat good fats like coconut oil in cooking or any other oils and other foods too. And not sure why my stool shape is not normal.

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Great! I have been talking Iron pills,and sure enough CONSTIPATION!
I will definitely go looking for Floradix this AM. Being a "plant based" product makes more sense


If i understand correctly , your vitamin testing showed deficiencies .. my question is have you started on supplements of these vitamins… the deficiencies maybe could be contributing to your digestion issues
Good luck with this problem..
have you tried a functional dr as yet? Therein may lie your answer


I’ve been thru similar situation. Had gastric emptying study. Found definite Slow motility of food. Gastroparesis. Found out after I did all that you did and lost 25% of my body weight waiting for Dx. Maybe consider this if you have not. I wish you all the best.

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