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functional dyspepsia

Posted by @rummaan, Jul 14, 2011

Does anyone here have functional dyspepsia? I’ve been suffering from it since 2007. Have been on multiple different meds, had Nissen Fundoplication surgery. Still suffering. Mayo GI doctor offered to start a low dose antidepressant therapy. Has anyone been helped by this type of treatment?



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Posted by @willowcreek, May 8, 2012

I was diagnosed with functional dyspepesia in the Fall of 2011. I have found that wearing a heat wrap (from Walgreens) on my stomach gives me the most relief. I have found nothing else that has worked. I am on a low dose antidepressant but it really only helps me sleep – I do not want to be on a high dose of this medication. Have you found any thing that has helped you – I would love to know. I do know that Mayo Clinic and Northwestern Hospital in Chicago are doing clinical trials on functional dyspepsia. I wanted to be part of it but I also have Crohns Disease and they would not let me participate.

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