Exercise After Prostatectomy

Posted by jogger01 @jogger01, Jun 4, 2019

Curious if anyone encoutered setbacks from strenuous excecise after a prostatectomy? I am a 54 year old avid 30 year jogger and had been slowly building my strength and running pace/intensity. However, about 3 months after my surgery, I noticed small amounts of blood in urine following excercise. I notified doctor and am scheduled for further exam, and also changed excercise routine to just walk or use elliptical (no further complications after this adjustment). Would like to jog again at some point in future, but questioning the practicality and wisdom of this activity, considering the nature of body changes from prostatectomy, coupled with physical pounding introduced to body during running. Appreciate your input on experiences with jogging or strenuous excercise after a prostatectomy. Thanks!

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My experience going through treatment which includes surgery, radiation, ADT and chemotherapy that exercise is perhaps the most effective way to mitigate the SEs. That being said I don't think it mitigated the hot flashes or the joint and muscle stiffness but I kept my weight under control, my cardiovascular health and had no issues with glucose, cholesterol, becoming pre-diabetic...So, do what you can, I swam, lifted weights, used the elliptical, walked the dog, played basketball, rode my bike, went skiing, hiked in the mountains.


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