Eligard and its effect on osteopenia and arthritis

Posted by johnt0707 @johnt0707, Mar 6 6:16pm

They want me to use Eligard because of 140% PSA bounceback (from .9 to 2.16) in 12 months, following 43 ERBT and two years before the bounceback. Wondering the impact of Eligard on my joints as I have osteopenia, severe arthritis and repeated joint dislocations. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, and wish you all a joyful week.

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I'm on orgovyx which is a newer drug but can cause some joint problems as well. My understanding is that it can leech calcium out of your system which can amplify problems you already have. I have degenerative bone disease (is that osteopenia?) , I didn't know it till the imaging for the PCa.

My doc put me on a non-prescription supplement called Prosteon. My understanding is it's designed to give you a boost of what the ADT meds are removing from your system. In my case it's more bone than joint issues. They make a product for joints as well, OptiFlex. By no means an endorsement, just saying there may be some support for you on this, check with the docs.


I was on Eligard for two years and have been off of it for 16 months. Recent Bone Density test showed that I have osteoporosis. My oncologist is putting me on Prolia starting Monday. It is an injection done twice per year for osteoporosis. It is mainly used in post menopausal women but my doctor says she frequently sees the development of osteoporosis in men who have been on ADT therapy.



Daniel, look at the adverse events for Prolia before beginning treatment. It works by restricting osteoclasts the acid emitting cells that dissolve bone. After Prolia there will be what they call a pool or resevoir of osteoclasts that wreak vengeance on your bones. Basically you can't quit Prolia without taking drugs that offset the problems it causes. I would suggest Forteo because once you rebuild the bone lost through eligard and restore your testosterone levels, you won't need to continue medication. It also works faster and builds stronger bone. Prolia is antiresorptive preserving older bone. Forteo and Tymlos, too, actually build new bone.
Don't be shy of cancelling just because the injection is tomorrow.

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