Dry mouth caused by immunotherapy: What are you doing to treat it?

Posted by moose63 @moose63, May 9 11:28am

I had my bladder removed and have a neo bladder. About one year later cancer reappeared in a lymph node. I am on immunotherapy and it has caused me to have dry mouth. Anyone else experiencing dry mouth and if so what are you doing to treat it?

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Thanks for your reply and information on how you are dealing with dry mouth. I have been very blessed that the only issue with having a neobladder is I have to use a catheter about every four hours. Was easy to adjust to this routine and not uncomfortable or painful. I do use a prescribed medicine for the dry mouth and Biotene products. I will try the Zylitol. Hopefully, if I am able to stop immunotherapy for a period of time, my dry mouth will go away. Hope and pray your husband neobladder issues stop.


Hello @moose63. I have dry mouth as a result of partial parotid salivary gland removal with my cancer surgery, and radiation. It seems to worsen with time. Staying well hydrated is important, not just sipping water constantly, but really drinking a quantity. I use an electrolyte solution sometimes also when I feel like I cannot drink enough. Liquid IV is a good one. I have had to cut back on antihistamine during allergy season, as they really make the dryness worse. I use more Flonase then. I use Biotene mouthwash, gel, and lozenges during the day. At night I find the Zylimelt tablets are very helpful. I use one every night. They stick to your gum and slowly release Zylitol to stimulate salivation. They can be used during the day too but not when eating. An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier/vaporizer by the bed is also helpful for not waking up with that horrible dry mouth. I have not used any saliva substitutes but they are available via prescription from what I understand. Have you had any complications with your neobladder? My husband had that surgery 2 years ago and there have been a lot of issues since surgery.

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