Do NET tumors show up in basic blood work?

Posted by phoebeghostwriter @phoebeghostwriter, Jan 11, 2022

Besides specialized nuclear testing scans, do any elevated blood tests indicate a possible NET tumor besides the 24 hour urine test with creatine? Is it tough to get a octreotide scan? Is vein sampling the only definitive method to determine where the NET tumor may be? Thank you!

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Hello again @phoebeghostwriter

Here is a link that will direct you to other tests that can help determine the possibility of NETs. This is from the Carcinoid Cancer website. If you read the "Summary" of this article you will understand better the effectiveness of these tests.

As you can see, the Serotonin blood test combined with the 5H1AA 24-hour urine test is a good indicator of some types of NETs. However, different types of NETs produce different types of hormones so there is not a one-size-fits-all test.

You also asked about the octreotide scan. Please note that the Gallium scan is more widely used now than the Octreotide scan as it has been found to find more NETs than the previous octreotide test.

For more information about this test see the following Connect discussions:


You are very wise to be educating yourself on NETs. As it is a rare diagnosis, it will help you to advocate for yourself as you understand more about it.

Keep asking questions!

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