Questions after surgery for Diverticulitis & drainage tube removal

Posted by nlvmostwanted @nlvmostwanted, Sep 6, 2022

My dad has diverticulitis the dr removed his drainage tube a week or so ago he's had a fever of over 100 a few times he gets severe shakes sometimes after eating, he's weak when walking through house tonight when going to bathroom I guess part of his bandage leaked and the smell was horrible the whole house smelled he leaked this redish brownish thick stuff has anyone dealt with this they wanted to do surgery but my mom had to fix insurance

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Welcome @nlvmostwanted, frequent fevers, shaking and leakage sounds like something that needs medical attention. Do you have a number you can call to contact the surgeon or symptom management nurse?

I'm also tagging other members like @blueviolet @grc10 @kathyoung @troyhenn22 @ono who have had surgery for diverticulitis and who may have some helpful advice to offer.

Don't hesitate to call your father's surgeon.

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