Posted by jpritch2 @jpritch2, May 9, 2023

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis a couple of years ago. Well it is flaring up and blood work indicates infection. Both docs suggested same antibiotics they tried in Oct. and last April with no success. My pharmacist sister says when that happens they usually will increase the dosage or duration or both. But that is not what I need help with. Since I am dealing with numerous br trips per day, I just don't have much of an appetite. My weight is 132 at 5'8" and my bmi is 20.1. I feel like I need to gain some weight back. Any suggestions? I just got some powdered whey and am starting that mixed with mild and creme. I am also eating yogurt and drinking kombucha. Gastro doc has me on probiotics but can tell no improvement at all, He also suggested metimucil which did no good and I am not a big fiber fan when treating a diverticultis flare up. thanks, jp

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You can try rice , and potatoes for gaining weight. They are both ok for diverticulitis. You should avoid grains. You can look online for low fodmap diet.
That is very helpful. For fiber lettuce is good. Cucumber also good. You can try English cucumber that has no seeds. Papaya is ok. Tomato without skin and seeds. Avoid fried food.
For OTC fiber you can use Citrucel. My doctor recommended that. It’s easy on guts. Drink 2 liters of water every day.
Good luck and be healthy.

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