Cutibacterium Avidum bacterial infection near implant

Posted by aprilpahl @aprilpahl, May 19, 2022

I was just made aware that I had the above and am being put on cefadroxil for 21 days. If the antibiotics don’t work I will need to have the implant removed for 3 months.
I had smaller implants put in September 2020 and had issues due to being allergic to the PDS sutures. Finally in February 2021 they did surgery because my incision opened up. Since then I have had no issues and now last week this popped up out of nowhere. My skin was not open at all. Plastics Dr said that it may be better to just use my own tissue and reconstruct. Anyone have anything similar after breast cancer and reconstruction?

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Hello @aprilpahl and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the complications you are experiencing. Can you share how you came to realize there was an infection since it sounds like you didn't have any signs or symptoms?

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