CRPS and tooth extraction

Posted by daveandchris @daveandchris, Mar 6 3:58pm

I have CRPS in my left hand and right side of my back. I had it in my right hand, but it went into remission. The left is different. It is from a fracture, the right was not.
I am seeing an endodontist who has shown me the necessity of extracting a tooth. But my experience over the ‘new’ CRPSs during the past 10 years has taught me to be cautious. And he has never heard of CRPS. I cannot imagine a jaw/mouth suffering with CRPS! I’m just hanging on as it is.
Does anyone have any experience with this? I know I must do something, but would really like someone with knowedge and/or experience to share. Thank you!

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Hello @daveandchris. I'd like to invite @drg24242 and @sadivari who talked about having CRPS and pain in areas of the face or jaw. While they may not have specifically talked about a tooth extraction, they may be able to talk about their experience with CRPS.

@daveandchris, have you had conversations about your concerns with your medical provider? Is it possible for them to contact your dentist with information, or at the very least to make each side aware of your situation?


My dentist sent me to an Endodontics he trusts. After an examination he explained why a tooth extraction was necessary. I told him about my history of CRPS and my deep concern about having it be in my mouth and jaw. He had not heard of CRPS. I did not make an appointment at the time. I understand the need for removing the tooth to protect my other teeth. They suggested that after the bone grows back I would be able to have an implant.
I continue to experience pain in my left wrist from a fracture four months ago. My right hand had CRPS after an elbow surgery eleven years ago. So you can see my concern.
I will be seeing my doctor at the University of Utah Pain Clinic in a week. I began going there when I develop CRPS in another place. I have had numerous ganglion blocks. My right hand did go into remission after a year.

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