Covid Fat After Colostomy...Safe Way To Loose Without Hernia Potential

Posted by ottawamarc1234 @ottawamarc1234, Nov 3, 2020

Anybody know? Thanks

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Hi Marc,

Well I see you are from Ottawa so I would assume you would just ice skate those pounds off!! How is that for a nice stereotype?? Ok, just kidding. Basically I can do everything I used to do. Run, free weights, nautilus, swim. I've been told to not play contact sports, but I know a guy that plays football with his, but he wears an ostomy armor belt. They are great from what I have seen, but they run from about $350 and up depending on what you get.

So I have had an ileostomy for a few years now and I am an avid runner. I would say whatever it is that you are into to lose weight is fine provided you clear it with your Dr, get yourself a good belt. I actually have several. There are good and bad with the ones I own.

Stealth belt; about 100-125ish depending on what you order: light weight, very comfortable. Down side is if you are on the heavy side (which I was) it tends to want to roll down on you. If you are wearing the standard belt I don't think it is sturdy enough to run fast in, it just allows the bag to bounce too much. They have heavier ones, but I haven't tried them. Also, if you are not into wearing your bag horizontally then just roll it twice from the bottom and it will fit in well. Take the time to measure several times so you get it all right. The direction on the site are pretty good and if you get stuck there are videos and a help line.
Also, I don't recall if it is extra to get the zipper on the bottom of the bag compartment, but it is worth the extra money in convenience.

There are several people on Etsy that sew belts, and a couple I have are super nice for light duty, like walking or working in the yard. I believe the one I like the best is from ostomy accessories. Nice thing is you can get a pretty decent custom fit belt for about 40 bucks.

Kind of off the subject, but super nice is a seatbelt cushion on Etsy from a company called 7stitchesboutique. These are very nicely made, in several colors and are only about 30 bucks.

The other one I have is made by Basko. It is more rigid than the stealth belt, but I really like how it keeps everything from bouncing. The one I have is 4" wide soft elastic, a plastic ring sewn in that goes between the bag and wafer. They had a plastic cover that Velcro's on to protect your stoma and then an elastic cover over that. I think this is a very well thought out belt, and probably my favorite. Its the only belt I can wear on a 10km + run and not feel like my bag is ripping off by the end of it.

Ok, a bit long winded. Bottom line was talk it over with the Doc, get a good supportive belt and ease into it. We have gone through enough without pulling something out of wack.

Good luck, Jason


Hi @ottawamarc1234, Just checking in to see if anything has worked for you lately and how you are doing with your diet and exercise?

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