Considering tka

Posted by jerry4816 @jerry4816, Dec 13, 2021

I have no pain siting or sleeping. Walk5 miles every day. Stairs are very difficult. Standing for more than 30 minutes is hard. X-rays show both knees are bone/bone. Walking on uneven ground is difficult. Age77 With A-fib. Is TKA worth the pain of surgery or the risk?

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Good evening @jerry4816, Welcome to Connect. That is the same question I asked myself this year at 79. I want to spend time with my 4 grandchildren and their dogs. I chose quality of life. My second TKR was a Mako Robotic procedure. Not a lot of pain. Started PT with MFR backup on Day 2. Was driving by week 3 and doing laundry downstairs a few weeks later. I did get to play with the "littles" 2 and 4 years old. What fun.

And just in case you want more, I had my second Thumb replaced last week. I talked with my surgeon about recuperation time. It has only been 4 days and I am typing, (sort of).

Regarding the risk………I would want the issues well explained and perhaps a second opinion. What activity would you most like to be able to do.?

May you be safe, free, and protected from inner and outer harm.

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