Cold feet

Posted by cjmasters @cjmasters, Aug 9, 2022

Does anyone else have cold feet because of neuropathy. If so what do you do. I try to sleep with socks on but they are too constraining.

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Maybe I will try voltarin


Oh my neuropathic feet…! Sometimes they are alternately absolutely burning up sometimes they are so cold it hurts and they can change within 30 minutes. I’ve found Rockdove on line makes “Nomad” slippers that help so much and only about $50. On sale now. At night Cozy Winters makes large (35x20”)foot of bed warmer that I love. It has 6hr auto shut off so cold feet don’t wake me up in the middle of the night. Walking helps even if it’s just pacing around in the house. Winter is coming so I know that we neuropathss Can expect more cold feet. Wishing you warmth, bcool123


...lying in bed reading comments with my rice bag wrapped around my feet..peripheral neuropathy since wrong meds 2016... but feet and hands didn't start to get or feel cold until this year; also now am noticing temperature changes ... when warm night even a sheet on me too warm, take it off and the air from fan felt like tiny pellets of ice...also burning face, esp. cheeks and have to wait til January to see dermatologist where I live.. anyway, when could use fingers to sew I made those long about 2 feet or less by about 5 or 6 inches tubes and fill with uncooked rice, bit tricky to divide into four sections to even out the contents, and have to sew so no rice escapes... so put in microwave for a minute or so ... can wrap around feet, not too hot and stay warm with a bed cover on for over half hour by which time might luckily fall asleep and/or feet warmed up... I made literally hundreds over the years but cant sew any more. Alternatively, buy larges size man's COTTON sock, can put about 3 cups or more of raw rice in - you want it about 3/4 full so its bendable... then, heres the tricky part, sew up the sock with cotton threat, and make sure stitches tight so no rice comes out. No dont use it as a sock! but warm it up in microwave for a minute or so and it retains heat/warms up laid on feet or for sore tummy etc. I would be happy to show some pics of how to make; also warning page i typed up about not to heat too much esp. for neuropathy. these types of pads with rice or oats inside are food so microwave could burn as any other food...... I typed up a list of dos and donts to include when gave them as gifts. pm me if you would like more info.. i can also email as have an email just for internet use....
no,not a cure but used correctly give enough warmth to take the chill off..... j.

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