CBD for Fibro and chronic pain: How to avoid scams?

Posted by nanke99 @nanke99, Feb 12, 2021

Hi! So, I'm trying to figure out all of this CBD info floating around, and am hoping some of you might have it figured out!
I do NOT like THC!
BUT, I think 2 % in CBD is good? What do I want to get for my chronic pain? Especially a topical?
I know there is CBD everywhere, in every bodega, but I know here are plenty of scam brands out there... I do plan to get my medical marijuana card soon, but I only want this so I can access CBD maybe with a small % of THC? Please advise!
P.S.; I also have PTSD so a calming effect couldn't hurt either!

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@nanke99, Such good questions. It is hard to know the reliability of the purity and dosage of CBD in products. A recent study of 84 CBD products bought online showed that more than a quarter of the products contained less CBD than labeled. In addition, THC was found in 18 products.

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Perhaps @wsh66 @grandmajan @jmb73 and @artscaping will have some tips to share.
Nanke, are you able to talk to your PCP about this?


CBD oil is measured in mg not percentage. I only use CBD Oil that is manufactured by a pharmacist-owned and operated company or a company which guarantees its dosages with inspected and measured batches. Zova Botanicals is what I use and it is pharmacist formulated. I buy the 50mg/ml strength at 30mls.


Talk to your provider to get the okay especially if you are on a pain contract. Then speak to your pharmacist about Zova,


Zova does not have THC. But warning it is not cheap. The bottle I buy is $100,


I have tried topicals for my chronic pain. I have CRPS. They did not work.


@faithwalker007 Hi Renee, there are very good topical CBD creams & non THC. CBD products for topical use. I have severe knee problems amongst other chronic pain issue's including a very good Brand Called Good for Pain. GoodFor it comes in a pump cont. Or a box w/6packets. It's made with all organic products. All I know is it works to relieve my knee pain & I need full knee replacement surgery, my knee is bone on bone.
I personally don't purchase it anymore due to the fact that I get my Medical Cannabis thru a Dispensary & I have learned how to use the Tincture that is mostly CBD: I mix with Cocoa Butter & make my own with a few drops of Lavender essential oils, or Spearmint, or sometimes Frankincense essential oil they smell nice & help topically.
As far as Medical Cannabis, not all will give u euphoria. Also not everyone reacts to CBD dominant Capsules or Tinctures the same some ppl very rare but true do not get euphoric effects on the THC & it makes a difference between the strength & the way it is consumed. I do not vape or smoke it. I take capsules & gummies, & I feel RELEIF from them btr than when I was on Opiate's without the stomach aches & side effects. Although opiate's are needed for certain people and I strongly disagree with the horror's of cutting people off them. Chronic pain is like Living in Hell.

Hope that post helps someone.

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