Can men get breast cancer?

Posted by austin202001 @austin202001, Jun 5 10:42pm

I just got a lump under my armpit and right next to my chest it’s about an inch long and quarter inch wide what could it be


Hello, I have a long-term fused hip due to congenital hip displasia and was evaluated at the Mayo Clinic some years ago for the possibility of a hip replacement and to get more info about the associated complexity and outcomes. I am familiar with the Mayo’s research on conversion of hip arthrodesis to hip replacement and orthopedic expertise. I joined Mayo Clinic Connect to see if there were people on here discussing the same issue, but I didn’t see a group for that as I think my case is kind of rare. There don’t seem to be many patients with the issue of hip fusion since nowadays I don’t think that is done very often any more. I saw the male breast cancer post by chance, and I couldn’t help but respond.

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Skygazer, I think you could add a lot of value to the discussions in these groups:
– Bones, Joints & Muscles
– Joint Replacements
Hope to see you there.


Austin, it never hurts to call and ask if you can get in sooner, if you are seeing your regular doctor this might be an option. I am hoping to hear good news after your appointment.

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