Can headaches be a symptom of radiation of the breast?

Posted by mchler73 @mchler73, Nov 20, 2023

I am starting my 2nd week of radiation of my left breast and have started waking up with headaches. Could this be related to the radiation? Has anyone else developed headaches during radiation?

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I can't say that I had regular headaches but is it possible they're from stress or clenching your jaw? When we are going through such stressful situations I wouldn't be surprised. I would first mention this to your Radiologist team and then to Doctors if you are still concerned. I wish you the best! Just think of how much you've accomplished already!! 🌺


If you’re waking up with headaches, you may be grinding your teeth at night. This could understandably be caused by the stress of breast cancer treatments. Maybe check with your dentist; you may need a mouth guard for sleeping.

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