Burping and gas

Posted by jfching @jfching, Nov 1, 2023

Hi all, just a month ago, I had an aggressive treatment to control my 15 year old diabetes. I was advised to do 16 hour fasting and eating and also avoided carbs as I can even with meds. Due to this aggressive treatment and advice, I was able to control and reach a Hb1ac of 6.1 from 14. However, 2 weeks ago, I started supplementing using barley grass powder. I felt weird and I was told it was a healing crisis and it will pass. I couldn't bear the symptoms so three days ago, I stopped taking it. Anyway, I notice that even when I stopped the supplement, gases are trapped inside chest and I feel discomfort, then I let out a burp or a fart and the discomfort goes away. Sometimes I feel something sour going up my chest. Now, even water makes me burp. Is this normal? Changes in my body happened because aside from fasting I changed my diet to mostly veggies and fruits to add fiber. Thank you

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I deep wet belch what tastes like sewer water over 1000 x a day & night w/ churning gut no matter what I eat . This is 10 long years. I eat clean & healthy foods but have had to cut out so many foods from my diet and any kind of milk .
I’ve seen 6 Gastro Drs even Mayo Clinic Jacksonville 3 tests .
I have had over 20 tests in 10 yrs and 7 diagnoses.
IBS-D , gastritis, Esophagitis, Gerd, small, benign polyps on the stomach lining, diverticulosis, fatty liver .
After seeing my six gastroenterologist at Orlando Health, Gastro Ohhhh Institute, she put me on yet another anti-depressant that is supposed to help with functional dysplasia ( which she thinks it is ). Google it .
Do deep breathing exercises, etc.
I’m not in full agreement w/ that diagnosis as she didn’t run any tests just had previous records of test results .
So I’m taking it last month or so . Thankfully this one doesn’t give me extreme side effects as some others I’ve tried .
I’m still not sleeping 💤 well , I’m still suffering w/ this .
I’ve tried everything they make for gastric issues and diff RX’s and even hypnosis ( which didn’t work ).
I live on Ultra liquid Pepto . Also take .50 mg Klonopin as needed ( not usually everyday now ).
What tests have you done ? Hopefully you will get a good Gastro Dr. and figure it out soon . Keep in touch . God Speed .. Rosemary.


Hello, my burning and belching as per my doctor is a side effect of my diabetes, since I recently controlled my diabetes, it will be 3 months or a year that slowly my stomach will be normal again. Low motility is the term given me by my doctor. Do take care though. and thank you for your comment

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