Blood sugar still in 200 range one week after colon cancer surgery

Posted by harlykat @harlykat, Jan 1, 2022

My dad is 84 and just had colon cancer surgery. He is type 2 diabetic and has lost at least 20 pounds. His blood sugar has been over 200 since the surgery and he doesn't want to eat anything due to uncomfortable bowel movements. Any advice on how to help him would be appreciated.

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Hello @harlykat and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! How good of you to be advocating for your dad at this time.

I'm wondering if his surgeon or PCP has any opinions on why he is losing weight? There are many things that can affect blood sugar levels.

Connect does have a discussion group about Diabetes. Here is the link to that group,

Does your dad have an endocrinologist that you can contact by phone or through the patient portal?


Hi Harly, how is your dad doing? Have his bowels settled in the past few days since surgery?

When my dad (also with type 2 diabetes) had surgery for late stage colorectal cancer they were less concerned about his sugar levels and more concerned about his comfort. Once he had comfortable bowel movements and eating again, then they talked about what he ate.

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